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The Geer Family
So one week of work has come and gone and has proven to be very tiring but very exciting.  I think we have developed a schedule that will work for us and it consists of me getting up at 5am (yikes!) to feed the little guy.  I get him up even if he is still asleep.  Why one earth would I do that, you ask?  Well for the rest of the day to work, he has to eat that that time.  He usually doesn't even open his eyes and he eats for about 15-20 minutes before I put him back in his bed.  Then I take about 45 minutes to get myself ready and the car loaded.  Then I go back and get him out of his crib and transition him right to the carseat in his pajamas!  We make the 1 hour drive to grandmas in Chapel Hill and I drop him off.  Then I continue on about 25 more minutes to RTP for work and arrive at about 8:30.  He eats again at 9am, 1pm and 5pm while I pump at work at the exact same times.  This allows us to stay on that schedule (and me producing) throughout the weekend.  I pick him up around 6 and we head back to Greensboro, usually arriving at about 7pm.  I have about an hour to play with him and then we get ready for bed.  I put his pj's on, swaddle him and feed him one last time and he goes right to bed in his crib.  Then I get to work cleaning bottles and preparing to do it all over again.  Every night last week, I was asleep before 10pm.

Monday was obviously the hardest being the first time that I had left him.  I had tried to prepare myself as best I could, emotionally and it really helped that I was returing to work at a place I had been before.  I didn't have the typical nerves of starting a new job.  I knew how to get there, knew were the parking deck was, knew where the building was, knew where the department was located and knew 75% of the employees already.  So that was a relief that my only concern was dropping off Chris.  I did good and then when I handed him over to Grandma, he poked his bottom lip out (that rascal!).  He didn't cry but he had this look on his face like he knew that the days of us spending 24 hours together were over.  When he did that, the tears fell like waterfalls!  But I get myself together and headed out...after 1 day, he was accustomed to grandma & grandpas and is thoroughly enjoying his time there.  I believe they are really enjoying it too!

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