The Geer Family
So....I have dilated a whopping  1cm as of yesterday!  I had to do another NST test after my appointment and it all checked out well.  My next appointment is Monday and once the doctor checks my cervix to see if I have dilated any more, a plan will be put in to place for induction if necessary, based on the fact that Christopher is big.  I am not sure that I want to go through an induction as it is supposed to be more painful but if it's the only chance of having a vaginal birth, I am willing to try...  I also have to have another NST next Monday just to make sure that Chris is still reactive!

I am definately feeling the effects of the last few weeks of pregnancy.  My ankles, feet and hands are super swollen.  I have had to adjust the laces in all of my tennis shoes so that I can actually get them on my feet.   Once I get them on my feet, getting them tied is a whole different issue.  I practically break out in a sweat.   You are probably thinking that wearing flip flops may be easier but my feet hurt worse at the end of the day than when I have them tied up in tennis shoes.  My back is aching constantly and my body goes numb about every 30 minutes throughout the night which causes me to roll over (I never thought it would take so much effort to simply roll from side to side).  Boy do I wish we had a recliner.

Thank you to all of our friends and family that made it out to my mom's for our baby cookout.  We had a great time and got some wonderful gifts!  I have organized the nursery & washed all of the clothes.  Ed put together the stroller and the hospital bags are packed.  Soooo, we are ready to go..... I think!

Ed was surprised today with a "Daddy Baby Shower" at work and all of his coworkers got together and got us some great gifts!  They had lunch for him and a beautiful cake!  We appreciate all that everyone has done for us!  I will post some pictures of the nursery soon!

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