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Little man is 5 months old today!  I can't believe the time has already gone by this fast!  A friend of ours took these pictures at the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and she put this together for me!  Love it!!!

SLEEPING: Chris usually goes to sleep between 8:30 and 9pm, depending on what we have going on for the night.  He pretty much sleeps all the way through the night and wakes around 4:45-5am to eat.  Sometimes he wakes at around 3am and whimpers a little.  If he doesn't stop whimpering, I head to his room and turn his sleep sheep on and give him his paci.  He drifts right back off.  I never have to lift him out of his crib.  He falls asleep on his own in his crib after his last feeding and I think he enjoys being in there.  I still swaddle him every night and I think that helps a lot.  Right now he is still sleeping on his sleep wedge but I will see if we can eliminate that soon.  At Grandma's house he has started taking good solid 2 hour naps.  He sleeps in the car both to and from Chapel Hill also so he is doing great!

EATING: Chris is now enjoying his solids!  He especially likes the fruit.  He has eaten peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, pears, squash, green beans and carrots.  The carrots did not do too well with him.  He had them two days in a row and he threw up both days.  And it was throw up, not spit up, I could tell.  So I will hold off on giving him any more carrots for awhile.  He also enjoys juice in the evenings.  We give him 2 ounces of 100% juice (apple, white grape or pear) and mix it with 2 ounces of water.  He really enjoys it and cries when it's gone.  He also continues to nurse once in the morning and once before bed.  I am still pumping every two hours at work to provide his 3 bottles for the daytime.  The little guy is growing so fast!

PERSONALITY: Chris LOVES to smile!  He is almost always smiling and giggling and everyone tells me that he is such a happy baby.  He has started playing with his feet a lot and grasping for anything near by (including my lips and chin and his daddy's beard!)  He is putting everything in to his mouth now and drooling constantly.  There are no pearly whites popping through just yet but we expect them to any day because he is constantly nawing on the side of his paci or trying to put his entire fist in his mouth.  He is also rolling over I believe but I have yet to see it (both Nana and Grandma have seen it when he was with them).  Does this mean I hold my baby too much, lol???  I suspect that he will be sitting up unassisted any time now as he is always trying to pull himself up, especially in his carseat when he can grip the sides.  I absolutely love to watch him develop right before my eyes!  He is sooooo fun right now!!
10/9/2010 06:30:11 am

He's so talented. I'm preparing his college application right now. What, you say he's just average because he's turning over at 5 months? No, not Christopher Geer. He's s-p-e-c-i-a-l! Nana.


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