The Geer Family
Last Monday the 8th, Ed & I had been married for 6 months.  I was planning to surprise him with a nice dinner (since I have so much time on my hands now) complete with dessert & everything.  I started cooking at 4:30 and made my mom's special chicken supreme with twice baked mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.  I also made mini oreo cheesecakes for him for dessert.  I must say I was pretty pleased with myself... :)

Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you?  While I was so involved in my cooking, I felt compelled to turn around and there was my wonderful husband standing  and watching me cook with a beautiful arrangement of purple tulips.  I am beyond lucky...
Mom, rosemary
2/16/2010 07:07:14 am

OK, you two are showing us all up. By the way, did the chicken turn out OK? Hard to believe it was just 6 months ago that all that fun happened on August 8th. I can still picture TJ in my mind stepping up to get Rachel to bring her down to Ed at the altar. What a day. Love, Mom Rosemary


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