The Geer Family
So I am having a much harder time than I thought updating the blog with being back at work.  By the time I get the chance to sit down at night, I want to go to sleep and not be on the computer since I've been on it all day.

But anyway, we went to Atlanta for the Labor Day weekend to watch the Heels play LSU in the Georgia Dome.  The game was great and even though we lost, our boys played with so much heart that you would have thought we had won at the end of the game.  The LSU fans were silent (as they had narrowly escaped defeat by a team down 13 defensive players, mostly starters) and the Carolina fans were up cheering, clapping and making lots of noise as the band played our fight song.  It was a great atmosphere.

Prior to the game we went to the Fan Zone in the Georgia World Congress Center.  It was basically a HUGE pep ralley for both teams.  They had great games for the kids, the bands, cheerleaders, free give aways & food.  Chanler and I got our face painted while Jalen & TJ ran all over the building.  Schultz & Ed walked around with Deuce strapped in the snuggly.  We had a great time.

Deuce did great during the game!  We got in to the stadium about 2 hours before kickoff (yes, we HAD to see the team warm up entirely) but it worked out well because I needed to nurse and there was really nobody in the stadium.  So I just went up really high and sat comfortably.  Deuce was happy through the entire game and people all around us kept snapping pictures of him because I had put eye blacks on him and he just kept smiling at everyone.  I fed him once more but I've gotten so good at this that I was so discrete that Chanler didn't even notice and she was sitting right next to me!  He slept the entire 4th quarter which was amazing because that's when we made our big comeback and it was so loud on our side.  All in all he loved his 1st Carolina game!

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