The Geer Family
We took the family up to DC/Maryland for the Maryland Invitational (TJ's AAU tournament) this past weekend.  I was pretty excited to take Deuce (as Ed has affectionately named him) and a little anxious at the same time.  I didn't want to pack too much but I wanted to make sure that I had all that I needed.  I was curious about how he would do in the hotel and if he would be super loud and wake up TJ along with all of the other hotel sleepers.  But to my surprise, he did pretty well.  As with most babies, he slept pretty good in the car so he slept a little past his regular feeding time.  This allowed me to pump a full bottle at the normal feeding time while in the car.  When Deuce got hungry, we gave TJ the bottle and he fed the baby in the backseat so that we didn't have to stop.  We did this twice on the way up and the way back.  It was a very smooth ride.

The hotel we stayed at was amazing.  It was the Gaylord National and was right on the Potomac River looking out at DC.  You could see the Washington Monument and the Capital Building from our room which excited TJ because they had talked quite a bit about DC in school.  After he asked us if he could go meet President Obama, we decided that we should plan a trip back just so we could take him to see the sights.  (He also saw a road sign for Boston and asked us if we could go watch the Celtics and the Lakers play in the championship game - he was dead serious too).

Big Tigger from BET's Rap City hosted the 9th Annual Celebrity Classic to promote HIV prevention and awareness and several of the events took place at the Gaylord.  There was an allstar basketball game and several of the players were staying at our hotel including Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson, Kenyon Martin, Jayson Williams and others.  So we had a good time riding the elevators with the celebs, especially since we were there for the AAU tournament.  Several of the kids from older teams camped out in the lobby the whole weekend trying to get as close as they could to all of them.

Deuce didn't really like sleeping in his pack and play in the hotel so that was a struggle.  My dad and sister drove up for the tournament so it was nice to spend the weekend with them too.  This weekend we are off to the beach and the next we are off to Knoxville & Memphis for a week.  By that time, Deuce should be a pro at travelling...

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