Christopher's First Week - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
Chris was born on Thursday night and we left the hospital on Sunday afternoon.  We were greeted at the house by my parents and TJ.  My mom had cleaned up the house some and they had cooked us some food and stocke our fridge.  That sure was nice!  Ed and I hadn't gotten any real sleep at the hospital since the nurses come in ever 5 seconds for various reasons so we both took naps while mom watched the baby.

Luckily Ed was off the entire week and it was so nice to have him there!  Chris had his first doctor's appointment on Tuesday so off we went.  It was my first time meeting the pediatrician and I like him.  We were told at the hospital that Chris had a touch of jaundice (his levels were 9.5) but we were really given any instructions about what to do or that we should panic.  The level was low and typical of a lot of newborns sowe didn't think too much of it.  By his doctor's appt on Tuesday his levels had shot up to 19.5.  So the doctor ordered two billi lights be hooked up to Chris for 23 hours a day.  So a home health care company came by Tuesday night and brought the lights.  Ed called them Chris' meteoroid suit since it lit him up neon green.  A nurse came out to the house every day to monitor his weight and prick his heel to measure his jaundice levels.  By Friday, the levels came back down to a 9 so we were able to take him off the lights, thank goodness!  We could finally leave the house!!!

Other than that, everything has been going well.  I have ben breastfeeding and he is a natural.  I have had no problems with it, except that he eats like a champ and sometimes wants to eat every hour!!!  He doesn't much like his crib yet so sleep at night has been challenging.  He will fall right to sleep if I am holding him but the second I put him down (even if he was knocked out) he is awake and whining.  So we are working on figuring this sleep thing out.

TJ had a basketball tournament this weekend so I took Chris to "see" him play (he slept the whole time) for one game both Saturday and Sunday.  It was really nice to get him out of the house.  Ed was back to work today and I am pretty bummed about it.  I have really enjoyed having him at home with me.  Oh, if we could just win the lottery.....

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