The Geer Family
13 weeks, 6 days
We had our 13 week appointment on Friday and everything looks great so far!  Megan was the nurse practitioner and she was great!  She has one of those very calm personalities that just makes you really feel at ease.  It turns out that she is from Ohio and ended up in Greensboro because her husband is a golf pro at a private club here.  So we had a lot to talk about.  We gave our entire health history and that of my parents and grandparents.  Then it was time for the exam.  After an unsuccessful attempt to hear the heartbeat through the doppler machine, Megan rolled in the untrasound machine, which was a bonus because we weren't scheduled to see the baby again so soon.  The heartbeat was great and you can see the little legs all stretched out. Definately a big change from the first ultrasound photos.  I had my annual girlie exam and then got the H1N1 vaccine and some blood drawn.  Then we got a whole bag of goodies including all of the classes that we need to sign up for at the hospital (yes, mom...there is one for breathing and pain tolerance).  The baby will be delivered at The Women's Hospital of Greensboro which is part of the Moses Cone Health System.

Saturday was Halloween and we took TJ trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where his school is.  He had a great time with some of his classmates and got a lot of candy.  I'm not sure who has enjoyed the candy more...him or me.  He's great and shares it all with me! :)  After trick-or-treating we ventured to our usual Saturday night spot: Cold Stone for some ice cream.  I haven't really had too many specific cravings yet but I am trying new things.  I ALWAYS get the mint ice cream but this time I opted for the cookies 'n cream.

I wore my first pair of maternity pants to work today.  Not sure I like to admit that but I must say they are very comfortable.  Right now, I just don't want anything touching my belly.  It is expanding so quickly (at least it seems that way) that I just want it to breathe!!!  Our next appointment with the doctor is on November 30th and then December 7th is the big date: we will find out the sex.  What a great birthday gift this will be, the 7th is Ed's birthday and mine is the 6th.  Right now, my gut is telling me it's a boy...we'll see!

We were excited the Heels were finally able to win a big one on national tv and we're headed to see the basketball exhibition on Friday night vs. Belmont Abbey and then Duke on Saturday.  That should actually be a great game this year.

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