The Geer Family
Saturday was Deuce's first UNC game in Kenan Stadium.  He woke up ready and excited to watch some football!
We spent most of the morning getting ready.  I cooked eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  It was yummy!  The boys went to the barber shop while the little guy stayed with me and had a bath to get ready for the game!  He wore his new shirt from his cousins Koji, Amber and Amir and he looked great!  I carried him from the car to the stadium in my Moby wrap.  If you are a mommy and don't have need to get one.  It's awesome and he loves the ride. (There is a photo below...obviously that's not me and Chris but you get the idea).  There are so many different ways to wrap him, and next time I will try the forward facing one since he appears to be so observant!  This is like our 4th year with these season tickets and we sit surrounded by some really great fans.  Most of them didn't know I was pregnant last season so they were all excited to see us arrive with the baby!  Deuce was awesome throughout the game and really paid close attention (until he took a 30 mintue siesta during the 4th quarter & the fireworks).  He is already a true football fan!
katie conolty
10/4/2010 07:42:31 am

i just want to say Rachel, that i just watched your engagement video on here.. and cried like a baby! Gosh, that man loves you! and so does his first little one! and your newest addition is possibly the prettest little boy ive EVER seen. He is amazing! you are a FANTASTIC momma :) miss you!


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