The Geer Family
Sunday was a special day!  It was Deuce's first trip to the NC Zoo!  I had not been to the zoo since the 2nd grade myself so I was very excited!  Also making the trip special was the fact that we went with 2 other babies.  Ed, Ashwon and Corey all graduated from Chapel Hill High in '97 and Annie graduated with me in '99.  We all had our little ones within 7 days of each other.  Ashwon & Annie had Aja on April 19th, Deuce was born on April 22nd and Corey & Jessica had Zoe on April 26th.  Needless to say, Deuce thoroughly enjoyed rollin' with 2 cuties all day!
And I must add that Ed was definately a trooper!  He went to the zoo with us and managed to stay right with us either walking or using his crutches.  Such an awesome daddy! :)

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