The Geer Family
TJ's best friend Austin came over on Sunday to go trick-or-treating with us!  TJ was The Joker and Austin was Iron Man.  We live in a neighborhood packed with kids and live next to the neighborhood where TJ's school is, which is also packed with kids!  While we were getting the boys ready, we had some early arrivals at our house.  Believe it or not, I had never handed out candy before this Halloween so I was really excited to see the kids.  Deuce had his skeleton costume on so he went to the door with me and he got really excited to see the flood of scary costumes and pretty princesses at the door.

Then we headed out to hit up our neighborhood.  The different cul-de-sacs are either a hit or a miss.  If it's one with kids, they most likely aren't home, they are out like us.  So we hit up the hot spots and then headed over to Reedy Fork where TJ goes to school.  In Reedy Fork, the houses are pretty close together and everybody moves their cars so the kids can go from house to house with minimal parental supervision.  One of the houses sets up a mini-carnival every year and that particular street is always jumping with tons of kids in costumes.  This year they had a little fire pit where all the kids could roast marshmallows, they had an area with a bench set up with pumpkins & scarecrows for parents to take pictures of their kids and of course candy & drinks.  They even had a guy playing the banjo!!  Needless to say the boys had a great time and came home with lots of candy.

Deuce enjoyed being strolled around for the most part but by the end of the night he was tired and cranky.  My sister came up to stay with us for Ed's surgery and she was more than willing to carry him the rest of the way!  Side Note: We bought that skeleton costume for him after Halloween last year for $2.99.  This was before we knew if he was a boy or a girl and was just a guess as to the size he would be.  We have been waiting for an entire year for him to wear it just that one time!  I think he looked great!

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