The Geer Family
Ed and I worked concessions at an AAU basketball tournament a few weekends ago to raise money for TJ's team.  We were there for several hours so I had to nurse Chris and change him a couple of times at a sports complex.  There was no changing table in the bathroom and thre was only a bench the width of my thigh for me to sit on to nurse him.  I could of gone to the car but it was so darn hot that I didn't want to sit out there.  Then it started raining so running to the car in the rain with a baby was an unpleasant thought.

While I was in the bathroom nursing, I decided that I needed to go to the bathroom.  Ed was at the other end of the complex and up some stairs so I didn't want to take the baby up to him and then walk all the way back (call me lazy, I know).  So I improvised...Chris is still small enough to fit in the diaper bag so there he laid until I was done.  He didn't seem to mind so much...

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