Introduction of the Great Grandparents - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
Both of my mom's parents are from Greensboro and have a long history in the city working for Cone Mills.  Prior to moving to Greensboro with Ed, I have also had a pretty long history spending time in Greensboro.  My grandmother was one of 10 children and 2 of the sisters are still alive.  They both still live in Greensboro and live pretty close to us.  Our family used to celebrate Christmas in Greensboro every year, even before I moved to North Carolina.  We would get up Christmas morning and drive from Hampton, VA to Greensboro to see my mom's entire family.  When my grandparents were alive we would visit them and my grandaddy would take me and my sister to the mall where there was an indoor skating rink.  That mall has since been torn down and is now a that Ed and I visit frequently as it's only a few miles from the house.

With all of that being said, all of the family members are buried in Greensboro at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.  When I first started coming to Greensboro to see Ed I tried and tried to figure out where the cemetary was.  I could envision the cemetary in my mind but I had never drive there so I wasn't sure how to find it.  Once I finally did, I discovered that it is only a few blocks from Ed's job.  I try to visit it as often as I can.

Last week after having lunch with Ed I decided to take Chris over there to talk to his great grandparents and introduce them.  Here are some shots from meeting his great grandparents as well as his great uncles and aunts...
Laura Edgerton
6/10/2010 01:15:21

That is so very special that you did this and took pictures. I am very glad you did and I know everyone in the family will love it too.

6/12/2010 02:59:15

So glad Chris will know where his relatives rest. That is part of his history. Green Hill (toward downtown Greensboro)is where the Wallaces are located. As he gets older it will be important for him to remember how to find them all so he can pass the history on. Love, Nana


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