The Geer Family
So the promising football season we are supposed to have has been clouded by the recent NCAA and academic investigations that are currently underway.  Regardless, we are diehard fans and are determined to support the team as much as we can.  This past Saturday was Meet the Heels and we go every year with Daniel, Rebecca and Austin.  This year we got to bring Chris and Chase too!  TJ & Austin had a great time as always and I enjoyed taking Chris on his first trip to Kenan Stadium.  He took some photos with the guys and took a very special one with Dwight Jones.  It was so special that he spit up all over him right as I snapped the camera!  We had talked with Dwight once before at Bojangles and I reminded him that he would now never forget our family since our infant had graced him with the remnants of my breast milk (I didn't say it like that of course!).  The players seemed to have high spirits and the crowd was better than we anticipated.  We leave this Friday for Atlanta to watch the Heels kick off the season against LSU in the Georgia Dome!
As Ed checked the message boards yesterday this was the first thing he saw....this kid gets to do everything and meet everyone, I swear!

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