The Geer Family
So our little guy has discovered his thumb!  Or should I say thumbs!  He has decided during the past few days that he often prefers his thumbs to his pacifier.  Ed and I were both thumb suckers, me well in to elementary school (4th grade, I think...YIKES!)  I can't decide if it bothers me or not but the recent medical literature I've read on the web discusses whether or not thumb sucking is such a bad thing before age 2 (some even said age 4).  One thing that has been nice is that when he is in his crib going to sleep, if his paci falls out he can now soothe himself by putting his thumb in his mouth instead of crying until I come give him his paci back. (Is it bad that this kind of excites me?)
I have had a few rattles in his car seat for awhile now but he has shown no interest in them.  Since the second I first held him, he's had no problem gripping my fingers and he now grips them to pull himself to a sitting and standing position.  SO, I have been trying to wrap his little fingers around the rattles but he quickly lets them go.  Today I added a rattle that hangs from the handle of his carseat and this is what I saw....
As of today, Chris is 14 weeks old and weighs 13lbs and is 23.5 inches long.  He is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

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