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Chris is 3 months old today!  ALREADY!!  I can't believe it.  I can't imagine my life without him and I can't remember the life I had before.  He is truly amazing!  Here is an update of what he has accomplished so far:

PERSONALITY: He loves to smile!  My favorite part of the day is when he first wakes up in the morning.  As you can see from the previous post, as soon as his eyes focus and he sees me, he smiles like he is so happy to see me!  It melts my heart!  He LOVES to smile at his daddy too.  Ed can make him smile almost anytime he wants to.  He is starting to make sounds that are more than just general cooing noises.  We say "Hey" to him all the time and I swear it's going to be his first word because he tries to mimic us back quite often.  He laughs sometimes too.  It tends to sound like a cough but he smiles while he does it so we know he's laughing.

SLEEPING: Sleeping habits keep getting better and better.  He is sleeping a total of about 12 hours now with one feeding during that time.  Usually he falls asleep hard at about 10pm, depending on what we have going on that night, and he sleeps until about 5am.  I feed him at 5am and then he sleeps until about 9:30am.  He is sleeping in his crib and I am sleeping in the bed!

EATING: Chris is still nursing and it's going very well!  I love the bond that it has created between us.  He eats roughly every 4 hours throughout the day.  Dr. Davis told us that we can begin to introduce him to foods other than breastmilk at 4 months and we can put cereal in his milk so hopefully at this time he will have a nice full belly to keep him sleeping through the night!

*One other note: he loves to watch cartoons!  The bright colors flashing on the tv really attract him.  I know this may not be the best thing that he already loves tv at 3 months, but it's so funny to watch him.  I put him in the middle of the bed while I am getting dressed and turn him sideways so he can see the tv.  I have caught him snoozing several times after watching cartoons for a while.

Mom and I took him to have 3 month portraits done.  Here are a few shots..
7/26/2010 01:46:28 am

Now you know the true love of being a mother. The bond is there. Love you, mom


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