The Geer Family
Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the day that we said our "I Do's."  We celebrated the entire weekend and it began with Ed surprising me by taking off of work early on Friday and surprising me at the house with roses!  I was so shocked to see him and my first thought was that he decided to come home for lunch.  But when he told me he took the rest of the day off to spend it with me I was so happy!  Don't get me wrong, I love spending the days with Chris but having Ed there with us was so special!
We went to dinner Friday night with the kids.  TJ took off for the beach with his mom for the weekend on Saturday morning so we wanted to make sure that we got to celebrate with him since he was such a big part of the special day.  He still refers to it as "Our Wedding" when he talks about it.  Saturday we headed to Clayton for a family reunion with  my dad's side.  It was great to see everyone, especially since the last time we were all together was at our wedding.  Chris got to meet his great grandmother and his other cousins.  He also got to met his cousin Jaycie who is only 6 days younger than him!
Sunday morning we woke up exhausted from getting home from Clayton so late the night before.  I have been hitting the gym a lot lately and I just felt like my body weighed 500lbs so I asked Ed if we could play hooky from church.  He reluctantly agreed.  So to make up for it, I made him breakfast in bed.  Nothing extravagant because we didn't have too much food but we had cinnamon rolls and egg & cheese omlets.
After breakfast, Chris took a nap so we watched a movie.  Then my parents came over so we could head out for a night alone!  It was our first night to ourselves since Chris was born.  We went to eat at The Cutting Board in Burlington (it was great!) and then we went to see Inception.  The movie was good but super long!  When we got home, Nana & Grandpa Bob had fed the baby and put him down.  We watched our wedding DVD for the first time and I cried.  We had been saving it for this day.  Then we sampled a slice of the top layer of our wedding cake we had been freezing.  I must say, it wasn't bad at all!  I think just the thought that it had been in the freezer for a year grossed Ed out.  But he was a good sport and tried it.
This past year has flown by.  We have faced so much adversity & so many challenges with me losing my job & a new baby and so many other things but we have survived and are better for it.  We are so grateful for our families and friends and most of all for each other.  The day we got married was one of the best days of our lives and we look forward to all of the years to come.
Meg Drew
8/9/2010 04:21:17 am

Congrats on making it though the first year - it is the hardest year (even when the rest of your lives is going fine) so I imagine this has been quite a difficult year for you both. I wish you many. many more happy years together!

8/10/2010 08:09:45 am

Sounds like the weekend was just want you wanted. Glad the cake was still pretty good and the video touched you. Watch it again next year on August 8th.


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