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...Ed that is.  He woke up at about 5am Monday morning to a loud pop in his knee while rolling over.  As soon as he said my name, I could tell he was in some serious pain!  He has messed up this knee twice since high school so when it initially happened he just knew he had torn something.  Thank goodness he already had some crutches (or crunches as TJ calls them) at the house because there was no way I could have gotten him up and to the car by myself.  Since the boys were asleep, we got Ed up and to the side of the bed and I got TJ ready for school without telling him.  He may be the most worried child I have ever met when it comes to somebody being sick or hurt.  Since I was up so early and knew I wasn't going in to work, I rushed TJ around and got him out of the house quick.  I took him to McDonalds on the way to school, which he was SUPER excited about.  He couldn't believe that we had enough time because we are usually always on his tail in the mornings.  He moves at turtle speed when it's time to go to school.

I rushed back home, packed bottles & food for Deuce and got him up.  I didn't even change his clothes because I knew I needed to get Ed to the Urgent Care asap.  His leg was literally locked in place.  He couldn't bend it or straighten it.  He couldn't touch his toe to the ground and he couldn't lift his leg up.  We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the Urgent Care where they kept asking Ed the same history questions over and over again.  While we were waiting, we all decided to get Flu shots since we had so much time on our hands. (Deuce didn't flinch or cry during his.  And then he smiled when it was over!  Whew!)  Finally a PA came in and looked at Ed's leg and said "Hmmmmm, I'll be right back."  After abour 45 minutes I had to go track him down and ask him if he forgot about us.  They hadn't given Ed any pain medicine or anything!  He told us they had made an appointment with an orthopedist for that afternoon.  So we left Urgent Care, got Chick-fil-A for lunch and went home for a brief 1 hour nap.  Then we got up and went to see Dr. Paul at Guilford Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

Dr. Paul is a UNC Alum and took to Ed very quickly when we said we both went to Chapel Hill High and that the first time Ed messed his knee up was playing ball in high school.  We really like him right away.  after talking with him for awhile, he set Ed up for an MRI on Tuesday.  So Tuesday I had to stay home again to take Ed to his appointment (it's his right knee so he can't drive).  We went and had the MRI and got the results back yesterday.'s a torn lateral meniscus.  Sooooo, surgery is scheduled for Monday.  As the days have passed, the pain has eased and the range of motion has returned so he can walk on it (with a slight limp but still he can move at least).  Dr. Paul asked him if wanted surgery on Friday or Monday and he chose Monday.  I mean come on, if he had surgery on Friday, he would be in no shape to go to the football game Saturday! 

So Ed will have arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Monday at 12:30.  I'll keep everyone updated!  Here are some pictures of Daddy & Deuce throughout his different appointments.
Judy Edgerton
10/29/2010 05:37:19 am

Sorry to hear about your knee Ed. Hope surgery goes well. Luv you all !

Jason Davis
10/29/2010 08:47:05 am

Sorry to hear about your knee Ed! I've been through it and we know its not fun. You'll be back to normal in NO TIME! Take care!


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