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The Geer Family
Does anybody have any tips on how to hit the lottery big?  I am so enjoying staying at home with the little guy and I can't imagine ever going back to work.  At least not until he starts school.  I have decided that I am going to hit up the serious job search after we get back from Memphis on July 5th.  The one condition on a job that I have is that it has to pay me enough to cover daycare expenses, which can be up to $800/month for infants - on top of all of the other bills we have, and there are A LOT, AHHH!

The weather was so nice today that Chris and I went and had lunch with Ed and then we headed to Country Park here in Greensboro for some exercise.  There is a drive/track that runs around the pond/park and it's 1.6 miles.  So I put Chris in the sling and we got moving.  I was sweating hard and I equate it to carrying two 5lb hand weights with me the entire time.  I felt great afterwards and think I will make this a regular routine for us!  He slept the entire time and right now he loves being outdoors.  Anytime he is crying, I take him outside and he just stops!

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