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Being able to nurse Chris has been really important to me since before he was born.  Ed and I attended 2 different breastfeeding classes while I was pregnant to try and prepare ourselves for the challenges that lie ahead.  We wanted to make sure we felt comfortable with the entire process and were aware of the difficulties that could take place.  Overall, we have been fortunate enough to have no challenges and breastfeeding has been wonderful. 

I was reading the latest issue of American Baby when I came across an interesting tidbit:

"A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh found that moms who nursed each of their kids for at least 3 months had a smaller waistline than those who didn't (2.6 inches on average) 19 years later!  'The belly is the least healthy place to store fat.  Excess fat in the midsection puts women at a higher risk for diabetes and heart diesase.'  No worries if you didn't breastfeed your first child.  Doing so the second time around can still make a difference."

For all of my girlfriends: breastfeeding can be a challenging but rewarding experience.  Don't be quick to give up on it.  There are so many benefits for both you and baby!!!

One other fact I found for anyone that is lucky enough to see my baby's cute little butt anytime soon:

"Blue birthmarks, called Mongolian Spots, are most common in darker-skinned babies.  They often appear as bruiselike spots on the backside of the body but are rarely permanent.  They fade as your baby gets a little older."
Meg Drew
8/9/2010 04:16:28 am

I totally agree Rachel - it is def. a challenge - but very worth it!! In more ways than one as that article shows - great for baby and mommy!


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