We may have a big baby on the way... - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
We had our last ultrasound yesterday.  The baby's head is already down low and tight on my cervix so there is no way the placenta has any room to be growing down there.  This was good news, it has moved up like it is supposed to.  Right now I am 28.5 weeks along but when they measured me they said I was measuring as if I was 31 weeks along.  This either means that the baby is growing larger or I have a lot of fluid surrounding the baby.  This surprised me because I only gained about 3lbs between the last two appointments and have gained less than 20lbs total so far.  It appears that the baby is growing larger.  Based on the ultrasound technichian, he is currently at about 3lbs 4oz already.  At 28.5 weeks, they "say" that the baby is usually just reaching over 2 lbs so we may have a chunky monkey developing. 

Everything else is great and we got some great photos of him.  With the 4D images on the screen you can really see him clearly.  At one point he was frowning like he was unhappy then he tried to smile.  He even stuck his thumb in his mouth for a second before taking it out (uh oh...I was a thumb sucker).  He is very active and I can feel him all the time.  He is constantly up in my ribs (or "rims" as TJ used to call them).  We only have 11 weeks to go...

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