The Geer Family
I just have to tell you quickly about a real "I'm his mommy" experience last night.  Just about every day this week Ed & I have worked out at the Y since Chris is now old enough to go to  Child Watch (he had to be 12 weeks).  So we drop him off and they watch him while we work out and then we pick him back up when we are done.  When we dropped him off on Monday it was only for about 30 minutes an as soon as Ed and I got in to the fitness center I asked him if I was weird for feeling weird about leaving him in the Child Watch with people I didn't know.  In my heart I knew he was going to be just fine but it was the first time he had been out of my sight, except for one 2 hour trip to the movies when my mom watched him.  But she's my mom so that's different.  So anyway, every time we've taken him this week, prior to yesterday, he's pretty much been asleep when I go in to get him.  Yesterday however, he was wide awake and one of the childcare people was holding him.  She put him in his carseat and brought him over to me and I was talking to her and when I finally looked down at him, he was smiling sooo big at me as though he had missed me so much.  It was the first time I realized that he actually recognized my face as his mommy and not just by my touch or smell.  Truly amazing! 

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