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Friday started the season of nonstop driving between Chapel Hill and Greensboro, for Ed anyway since I do it everyday!  We went to see the basketball team kickoff the 2009-2010 season with an exhibition against Belmont Abbey on Friday night.  Our plan was to stay in Chapel Hill on Friday night since the Duke game was at 3:30 on Saturday.  But we found out earlier in the week that TJ had tryouts for one of his basketball teams at 9am on Saturday.  SO...it was back to Greensboro Friday night and up early for basketball tryouts and then back to Chapel Hill for the football game.  After stopping by Ed's parents after the football game to wish Grandpa Major a happy 69th birthday, we finally got home at about midight.  I am usually pretty good about staying awake with Ed while he's driving but not this time....I was exhausted!  I think I slept almost all day Sunday while the boys took a bike ride up to TJ's school and back.

TJ had basketball tryouts for the 9-10 year old league at the YMCA Saturday morning.  Yes, he's only 7, but he has far surpassed the the skills of the 7 and 8 year old leagues so we decided to put him in the 9-10 competitive league to help him improve.  He needs a challenge.  He also has tryouts on Tuesday for the 8 & Under AAU NC Gaters team.  This is a travelling team that competes nationally in tournaments.  He also has football practice all week and then a bowl game on Saturday morning.  Ed's brother, niece and nephew are coming in from Knoxville for the Miami game so they will also get to see TJ play in his football game so he is really excited about that.  After this week, there is one more week of football and then the last bowl game (they play in two bowl games, no matter what their record is, whew....) and then on to basketball full time!  He's only 7 and already has us carting him all over....

I started Yoga classes a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it!  I can tell it will be really beneficial during the entire pregnancy process with breathing and stretching techniques.  Although my belly is definitely getting bigger and I can't lay on my stomach, I can still do most of the moves.  After Yoga class, Ed meets me and we get in about an hour of cardio.  I am only supposed to gain around 15-20 pounds total during this pregnancy and that is stressing me out.  That really isn't that much when you are carrying around another person!

Busy week and weekend ahead....not only do we have football all day Saturday but Leigh Anne's baby shower is this Sunday and I'm excited to see her.  It's great being pregnant at the same time as your best friend.  According to her

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OMGGGGGG you guys are sooo cute!!!!!
boy time flies... :( i msss you!!!


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