Chris' first play date - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
Chris had his first play date yesterday at my good friend Carrie's house.  Carrie, Kim and I went to high school together and cheered together.  Carrie has a son Cal that is 8 months old and Kim has a son Gavin that is 4 months old.  So we decided to get together for the first time in years!  It was so great to catch up with them.  We kept talking about how funny it was that we were now at a point in our lives where we were sitting around talking about breast feeding and pumping and baby sleeping habits as opposed to boys or whatever else that we talked about 15 years ago as freshman at CHHS.  I look forward to many more play dates with them!

Here are  pictures of us as freshman in high school and them from yesterday!
5/20/2010 10:11:11 am

oh my GOSH! Those pictures are hilarious! You are doing such a great job as momma-- you make it look easy! I loved seeing you and sweet Chris. Can't wait to do it again soon!!!


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