The Geer Family
I took Chris to Urban Fringe (the hair salon my good friends Amanda and Emily own in Chapel Hill.)  I had been working there prior to Chris' arrival for some extra cash since I am unemployed.  There are several clients that come in every week that I had gotten to know pretty well and Patrice also had an appointment so I thought it would be a good day to go visit.  Several friends stopped by to see Chris for the first time.  Amanda is 36 weeks pregnant and due on June 26th with a boy.  Props to her for being on her feet all of the time doing others hair.  It was great for her to see Chris since she saw me almost every day during my last 3 months.

After we left Urban Fringe, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house (Ed's parents) for a visit.  Then we headed to Efland to see Nana & Grandpa Bob (my parents).  Both Grandma and Nana were so excited to see Chris.  He was awake almost the entire time we were out so I was convinced that he would sleep well through the night.  He had been having good nights and then bad so I decided to put together the pack and play and put it in the bedroom.  He has slept all through the night since Friday with the exception of waking every 3 hours to nurse.  Then he goes right back to sleep in the pack and play.  I am excited about this because we will be out of town for the next 4 weekends so he will be good and used to it while we are away from home.  I have slept in the bed every night since Thursday!!!  YEA!!!!!! 

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