IT'S A BOY!!!!!! - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
First of all Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

We are excited to announce that we are having a boy!  The ultrasound tech finally got his legs just far enough apart to determine that he is a boy!  He was camera shy and had his hands covering his face at first.  Then after some poking and prodding to get his legs apart he started waving his hands at us and kicking his feet like he was jumping up and down on a trampoline!  At this point, we still didn't know the sex and both Ed and I's another boy for sure, the way he was bouncing around!  At the very end of the ultrasound he balled up his fist and stuck up his index finger giving the "No. 1" sign.  The ultrasound tech said his feet look really big and this made Ed happy....hope for height.  All else looks good! 

I took Ed to Balance Day Spa following the doctors appointment where we both had massages.  Ed had never had one before and I got a special prenatal massage so we really enjoyed that!  We called our mom's on 3 way and told them the news at the same time.  They were laughing and so excited we could hardly get a word in.  Then we went to pick up TJ from school so we could tell him.

We went to Brixx for Ed's birthday dinner and gave TJ a new pair of Sixty Plus Jordan's for basketball season.  Then we gave him a box with a pair of baby Sixty Plus Jordan's that  matched and let him figure it out.  He said he needed to take them out to get a closer look and then said "IT'S A BOY!!"  He was so excited!

Thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers!  Keep checking the blog for more updates!

Ed, Rachel & TJ
Shauna Wilkins
12/7/2009 09:11:04

Hi Guys!!! Im sooooo happy for u all!! U guys really r THE BEST!! I wish u much happiness, wedded bliss and a happy healthy baby!! He's gonna be a Duke fan tho!! Calm down, calm down, just kidding!!! And I absolutely love this neat website, such beautiful pics and that proposal on camera was AWESOME!!!

Candice Fisher
12/7/2009 22:45:33

Wow!!! Congratulations Rachel and Ed! Let the games begin…lol! I was in much anticipation all day long and very happy to hear that a healthy baby boy is on his way...and will be truly blessed with two very loving, caring, and devoted parents. Very excited for the Geer family and can’t wait for his arrival!
Blessings :)

12/8/2009 01:49:38

Hola Mi Familia!

Well about time we got ourselves a football player (TJ) and now a basketball player! We should be all set to retire soon!

I love you both (Rachel more)!

Maria and Gabby


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