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Not too much has been going on with us lately, hence the lack of new posts.  The little guy rolls over almost every time you put him on his back now and he is almost able to sit up on his own now.  He sits in the butterfly position and kind of leans forward to prop himself up for a few seconds before he topples over.  It's pretty cute.  He is just as happy as ever.  We are still working on his sleeping habits.  They're not horrible but they're not awesome either.  He goes down at about 9pm and lets me put him in his crib while he's still awake with no issues.  Supposedly this teaches them that they can fall asleep on their own in their bed.  We have the same bedtime routine, including the things I say to him and kisses I give him, and he smiles at me every time I put him down.  It's so sweet.  He wakes up at least once during the night and sometimes twice.  Last night he woke up at 12:30 and 3:30.  Both times I was able to console him right back to sleep but then he woke AGAIN at 4:30 and I had to feed him at that point.  Then I put him back in his crib and when it's time for me to leave to go to work around 7, I have to wake him up!  I am not miserable getting up during the night but at about 10pm I have to go to sleep because my eyelids just won't stay open!

Based on a suggestion from Leigh Anne, I made "Taco Lasagna" last night.  She thought TJ might like it and I must say it was pretty tasty.  He cleared his plate really fast and said he loved it!  I added some black beans, lots of fresh shredded cheese, lettuce & sour cream and we had corn too.  I will definately be making this one again.  Especially since it's a good variation to messy tacos!
On a side note: a friend of mine from Elon lost her dad after a long battle with colon cancer this week and one of Laura's best friends from college also lost her mother to lung cancer this week (a non smoker...).  They were both young parents with young grandchildren.  Please say a prayer for them as cancer has affected every one of us in some way...Thanks!

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Laura Edgerton
10/6/2010 03:33:55 am

Thanks for saying something about Layne's mom. That was sweet.


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