New Year, Big Changes - The Geer Family
The Geer Family
Happy New Year to everyone! 2009 was a big year for our family with me finishing graduate school, getting married and becoming pregnant.  2010 is shaping up to be an even bigger year and hopefully even better than 2009.  After 6 years with my company, I was laid off last Thursday in an acquisition deal that I had been working on since last February.  It was a complete shock as I had been promised that my job was secure.  Once the new company took over, they informed my former boss that they were actually eliminating my position at all of the facilities.  I was completely blindsighted by this and all I could think about was attempting to find another job at 5 months pregnant and preparing for maternity leave.  But, I am confident that God has a plan and a purpose for me and hopefully I will actually find a job allowing me to utilize all of the education that I have worked so hard to get.  Ed & I have an amazing support system with our parents and they have been nothing but encouraging and positive.  And I am beyond lucky to have Ed as my husband.  He constantly reminds me of my strengths and what I have to offer the rest of the world.  He always makes sure that I am laughing when I start getting upset and helps me to stay positive.  I know we will be just fine.

Having all of this free time will allow me to complete several projects that I have been putting on the back burner.  I am excited to finally begin the nursery!  I have been feeling lots of movement from our little guy and it is so exciting every time!  We had a doctors appointment last week and we took TJ with us.  He got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and he shouted "He's Alive!"  It was too funny!  The doctor says I am progressing nicely, my blood pressure is normal, my uterus is 23cm, the heartbeat is in the 150s and I have gained 8lbs.  We go back for our next appointment at the end of this month.  Leigh Anne is due this Friday and I am waiting to hear from her at any second to tell me to head to Raleigh.  Now that I am out of work, I am excited to be at the hospital when little Weston arrives!

We took TJ to the UNC Men's Holiday Basketball Clinic last Thursday.  He had a blast and really got some good interaction with the players and the coaches.  We told him he was going on his first recruiting trip and he needed to be extra focused and play hard.  He did a great job.  Here are some pics...

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