The Geer Family
Sunday I took Chris to a Harvest Festival at Peacehaven Farm in Whitsett.  The farm manager is my cousin Elkie's husband, Ben, and the festival was open to the community.  Peacehaven is a farm currently under development and its mission is to become a community for people with mental and physical disablities.  Eventually the farm will have individual homes where residents can live and contribute to multiple aspects of farming from gardening & planting to raising livestock.  The farm website is:

The festival was great!  The food served was fresh from the farm including the BBQ and it was tasty!  Some of the individuals with disabilities were serving the food and it was neat to see them in action.  There were goats and chickens that the kdis could pet, a bonfire where marshmallows were being roasted for S'mores, face painting for the kids and a live 3 piece band complete with bails of hay as the seats.  We had a great time and Chris enjoyed being passed around between all of the girls!

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