The Geer Family
...I allowed Deuce to have his first sleepover.  With Nana and Auntie, of course.  My mom and sister came to visit on Saturday and watched Chris while we did some much needed house cleaning!  (I think I did like 8 or 9 loads of laundry Saturday and still have more to!)  My sister had eaten some bad food the night before so she was sick as soon as she got to Greensboro.  Nana and Deuce read books and napped in the sunshine while Auntie took a nap.  Since my sister was feeling so bad, and we were trying to work inside the house, I told them to just go on back to my mom's house and I would come pick him up later.  BUT later turned in to 11:30pm after the Carolina game so I decided to let him stay down there!  Because I am efficiently learning to plan ahead, I had packed plenty of bottles, food & clothes to get him through the night so off they went.  Nana said he slept great and she didn't have to get out of bed until morning!  Thank goodness for camera phones now days because they sent me a picture of him almost every hour.  It was nice to get a good nights sleep but I sure did miss him.  (I don't think Ed wanted him to go but he was nice and obliged).  Here are some shots from Auntie's phone of the sleepover!
10/27/2010 07:59:47 am

We had a blast!!!!!!


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